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Porch swings created by Wayne. Photo courtesy: Wayne Ledford


One Dalton man has turned his craftsmanship skills into a business, crafting pieces of furniture he says will last a lifetime.

Sanding, drilling, and hammering are all familiar sounds you will hear coming from Wayne’s Wood Works shoppe.

“I’ve built 507 rocking chairs, various styles and sizes over the years” says Wayne.

Wayne’s interest in craftsmanship started early in life for him.

“Back in the 70’s I was in the carpenters union” says Wayne.

Over the years creating designs of all kinds, one of the latest being a make-shift cup-holder which swings back and forth attached to his chairs. Wayne says he attaches the cup holders upon request.

“It’s big enough to hold a yeti cup or a good sized coffee mug” says Wayne.

Wayne demonstrated the different things he does to try and make sure his chairs stand out from the rest, like the stability of the chair.

Each chair he says holds exactly one-hundred twenty-nine screws.

“I can do one rocking chair from start to finish in about 6 and half hours” says Wayne.

With every chair made, he says he’s learned new techniques, like drilling a hole in the wood before inserting the screw.

Wayne says if that step is skipped, “it could split the wood”.

Other things you’ll find in his shop are gun cases and even “piggy” banks using old mailbox doors.

With fine detail put into each piece of wood, he says he hopes people remember his name.

Which can be found as a signature on the bottom of every chair.

“Someday somebody turn it over and look and say oh I know him” says Wayne.

If you would like something made you can contact him through his e-mail muscadineman@gmail.com or at his number (706)-280-6032

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