Home Buyers Credit

Home Buyers Credit
The year is 2015 and John Smith would like to buy a house for his family. John walks to his kitchen and begins a dialog with his house management system, asking to be attached to the many Internet search engines for the property. The AI assistant interfaces with its own network grid and a quick speed select a list of available houses and immediately downloads the streaming information for immediate review while Mr. Smith dons his Virtual Glasses and carries a led visual tour of the houses and neighborhood, without really leaving the kitchen. The moved app then uploads a tour of selected houses on the onboard GPS navigation navigational system, plotting the best paths on the best days, and programs access and shows appointments with the potential home sellers agents.

In case the buyer didn’t go over a realtor representative, a listing of the licensed realtor is proposed for consideration. This proposed broker list is based on the DISC character traits of the purchaser and connected into the matching traits and experience of Realtors servicing the particular geographic area. The Simulation Realtor Representative or Subscriber Identity Module for the brief, is released throughout the virtual house tour, downloaded as an avatar of today’s popular IM personalization. In the conclusion of a GPS navigation guided home tour, the purchaser is offered terms and disclosures together with mortgage and incentives applications from a wide selection of lending institutions predicated on prescreened and reachable credit information.

With the simple statement of the voice command Buy, electronic contracts and closing documents are drafted in cyberspace and inspectors and experts are scheduled, together with binary data flowing seamlessly to title companies and legal departments for electronic document preparation and review. By their time John Smith and his loved ones have pulled back to their driveway in their hybrid fuel celled car, an electronic sales contract has been prepared and accepted, their mortgage loan is in place, movers are scheduled, their dry laundries have been notified, and their local post office has scheduled the forwarding of their mail. Tomorrow’s technology, when applied to buying real estate, will set forces in motion which allows the purchaser and agent to direct the complexities of the real estate buy transaction together with the dexterity of flipping a light switch.

How will their realtor and mortgage lender stay a necessary part of the real estate transaction when a lot of the services numerous reasons for their representation offered today will be eliminated by future technology? How will realtor keep a competitive edge and protect their ever-shrinking sales commission? These are popular regions of concern for the veteran agent and also their rookie who just graduated from Champions training. The introduction of the Internet in the 1990’s and the growing success of online real estate companies such as eRealty and ZipRealty, coupled with discount realty brokerages have given potential buyers and sellers more options to the previously traditional listing\/selling agreements.

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