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Teacher shortages are a national concern within the educational landscape. According to the Learning Policy Institute report, A Coming Crisis in Teaching? Teacher Supply, Demand, and Shortages in the U.S., 40 states and the District of  Columbia reported teacher shortages in mathematics, science, and special education. 

Another study, from the American Educational Research Journal, School Organizational Contexts, Teacher Turnover, and Student Achievement:  Evidence From Panel Data, suggests “school leadership… [is] independently associated with corresponding reductions in teacher turnover.”

To solve this problem, the 2016-17 Washington Principal Ambassador Fellow, Jean-Paul Cadet, states that we must be willing to ask hard questions that directly address leadership capacity and its impact on teacher turnover. What experience do leaders have in induction programs, building effective teams, and instructional supervision? Are principals being prepared to be managers or leaders? Do school leaders know how to build authentic collaboration with their members? 

These questions are important because the implications of ineffective school leadership mean more than a loss of teacher talent; they cause ripple effects that impact school climate, student achievement, and learning communities across the nation.

In his blog post, The Leadership Imperative, Jean-Paul Cadet contends:

  • Good leaders manage people and general operations. Great leaders inspire and energize constituents.
  • Good leaders stand on the shoulders of competent personnel. Great leaders build up others for leadership and support their success.
  • Good leaders accept things for what they are in the present. Great leaders are visionaries who seek to inform the future with innovation, creativity, and strategic planning.
  • Good leaders know that their actions will spark a reaction. Great leaders know how to cause an effect that will inspire and motivate the hearts of staff, students, and the community.

You can learn more about leadership in Cadet’s Department of Education blog post, The Leadership Imperative.

Employment Programs

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has 15 Apprentice Construction  Laborer positions available. The application period ends on October 17, 2018. The selected candidates will participate in an apprenticeship program with a two-year training .  Positions are located throughout the five boroughs  There are no formal education or experience for this position.  Possession of a Motor Vehicle license valid in the state of New York is required for appointment.

The New American Chamber of Commerce Notary Public Training Course will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 6 PM-9 PM at 26 Court Street, Suite 701, Downtown Brooklyn. This three-hour Notary Public Training Course is designed to educate individuals with the legal terminology, concepts, and clauses contained in the framework of the New York State Notary booklet. Fee: $50 in advance, $60 at the door. Fee covers course materials and information: Supplemental Study Guide, Notary Fact Sheet, Practical Exam, Sample Forms, Notary Public Application and Oath of  Office, NY State License Law Booklet, NY State Exam Schedule, and Expert Training and Assistance. For more information, call 718-722-9217. Register at New American Chamber of Commerce, NYC.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) presents BBB Live X1: BBB invites bilingual volunteers to a Consumer Protection “Call-In” Program: Protecting Yourself from Work-at-Home Scams, Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at BBB Office, 30 East 33rd Street, 12th Floor, Manhattan. Volunteer for one or more of the two call-answering shifts: 2 PM-7 PM and 3 PM-8 PM. Refreshments, resources, and training will be provided. Calls will be answered in Spanish, and each shift begins with training in English. It is especially important to have trained volunteers in place and ready to help callers from 5 PM to 7:30 PM, when most calls will come in. BBB is happy to work with volunteers on shift timing and length. For more information, please contact Luana Lewis at 212-358-2842 or email See more details and sign up here.

Apply for an Individual Training Grant (ITG). The grant pays for tuition, registration fees, testing fees, and books for in-demand trainings. ITGs are only available for training in certain occupations and at eligible training providers. Find out more about eligible occupations and training providers.

ApprenticeNYC for CNC Machinists. ApprenticeNYC is a paid full-time apprenticeship opportunity that provides classroom-based technical training and on-the-job training to help New York City job seekers develop in-demand skills in a long-term occupation with high growth potential. The computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinist track of the program provides 10 weeks of classroom training and 62 weeks of on-the-job training with employers in the advanced manufacturing sector. No experience necessary. Complete this program application form to be considered for the opportunity.

NYC Small Business Services work with the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH), the city’s healthcare industry partnership, and the Workforce 1 Healthcare Career Center, to offer no-cost training programs that prepare New Yorkers for jobs in the healthcare field. With NYACH, NYC Small Businesss Services engage employers, educational institutions,  training providers, and other partners to design training programs that provide the required skills and credentials for viable healthcare career opportunities. Opportunites are available for those interested in ambulatory care and acute care. 

Prep for Success with WRCS: Paid-for training for Customer Service and Food Prep / Service careers. Includes five weeks of workshops, four weeks of active job search assistance, nationally recognized certification, ServSafe or NRF, paid internship opportunity, job placement upon completion, and one year of follow up. Eligibility: Ages 16-24, out of work, and out of school. Session begins November 5. Information session held Tuesdays at 3 PM; October 2, 9, 16, 23. For more information, call 212-941-9090 x3286.

Henry Street Settlement’s Intern and Earn (formerly known as Young Adult Internship Program) empowers young adults to connect to careers and grow in their professional pursuits. Internships available in child care, corporate, facilities, arts, fashion, retail, tech, and more.  Must be 17-24 years old and not currently working or in school. Cohort begins November 26th, 2018. Info sessions to start your application for the program are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11 AM at 99 Essex Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY. For information, call 212-478-5400.

Program Recruitment: Samaschool – Domestic Workers and the Gig Economy, on October 22 and 23,  5:15 PM – 8:30 PM.

The Cooper Union Retraining Program for Immigrant Engineers at CAMBA assists underemployed or unemployed immigrant engineers and IT professionals in gaining access to higher-paying  jobs through training and job placement assistance. The program includes night and weekend courses in information technology and chemical, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering, taught by Cooper Union faculty and field experts. Since its inception in 1987, the Retraining Program for Immigrant Engineers has placed 3,000 immigrant engineers into careers.

Community Links Supported Education Program is a nonprofit initiative supporting individuals with mental health conditions in pursuing education goals and successfully completing college, certification, licensing, or vocational degrees. Training opportunities include IT Training, Commercial Driver’s License, Home Health Aide, Construction Work, NYS Master Barber, Medical Assistant, Maintenance and Janitorial, TV Production Assistant, Health and Office Operation (Medical Records), Wood Working, Cable Installation, Hospitality and Tourism Industry (NRAEF Certification), OSHA License, and more. Eligible individuals must be 18 years or older, and living in NYC with a mental health condition. Please call 929-210-9810.

YearUp aligns job training with corporate partner needs and market trends to ensure that the skills students learn will be in demand. Learn valuable technical and professional skills, and gain work experience during internships at top companies. Earn a stipend throughout the program (while you train and during your internship) and complete courses eligible for college credits.

Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation’s (NMIC) YouthBuild: Business Bootcamp is a five-month training program for out-of-school young people. Services include High School Equivalency Diploma, Customer Service Certificate, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR), creating a business plan with NYC Business Solutions, engaging in employment readiness training, and receiving job placement assistance. Open registration is held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday beginning at 11:30 AM. Test begins at 12:45 PM. For more information, call 212-453-5369.

The CUNY Fatherhood Academy at LaGuardia Community College is now recruiting for their September cohort. This free program is for unemployed and underemployed fathers between the ages of 18 and 30. For more information, get details here, or call 718-730-7336.

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations – Red Hook on the Road helps unemployed New Yorkers start new careers in commercial driving. After four weeks of classroom and behind-the-wheel training, students are prepared to take the NYS Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) road test. Once students are licensed, Red Hook on the Road places graduates in a variety of jobs that move people and products throughout the city. Apply now.

Discover Accounting includes state-by-state guides on becoming a CPA, salaries, and educational requirements. If you are looking for more advanced accounting topics, you’ll find information in their comprehensive career guide and career comparisons.

New York City Career Center Events and Recruiting

Overcoming Invisible Barriers: Monday, October 15, 2018, 12:30 PM-2:30 PM, at Flushing Workforce 1 Career Center, 138 60 Barclay Avenue, 2nd floor, Flushing, NY 11355. Identify and reduce barriers to your job finding (Ex. age, lack of goal). For information, call 718-661-5012. 

Recruiting Event – The New York Botanical Garden on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 10 AM-11 AM for Seasonal  Visitor Services Tram Driver (five openings), Seasonal Visitor Services Attendant (five openings) at The New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Waston Building, Room 307, Bronx, NY 10458.

Basic Resume Writing Workshop: Thursday, October 18, 2018, 1:30 PM-3 PM at Brooklyn Workforce 1 Career Center, 250 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Participants will learn the purpose of a resume, and chronological and combination resumes, and select the appropriate type for their specific needs.

Introduction to Computers: Thursday, October 18, 2018, 3 PM-4:30 PM at Brooklyn Workforce 1 Career Center, 250  Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Basic computer skills training for those with no or limited knowledge of computers. For more information, call 718- 613- 3811.

Create a Resume (Spanish): Friday, October 19, 2018, 8:45 AM-11 AM at Bronx Workforce 1 Career Center, 400 East Fordham Road, 8th floor, Bronx, NY 10458. This workshop is designed to walk job seekers through the steps for building an effective resume, which is a critical component of getting a job. (Duration: two hours). Check-in: 8:45 AM-9:00 AM. For information, call 718- 960-7901. 

Dealing with Job Loss: Friday, October 19, 2018, 11 AM-1 PM at Brooklyn Workforce 1 Career Center, 250 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Attendees will discuss the job loss stages of grief, and participate in a self assessment exercise, customer talk, and expressing their feelings.

Job Postings and AssistanceJob Fair Sign-up Table

Job Postings at New York City Workforce 1.

Apprenticeship Opportunities in New York City.

Available jobs via Brooklyn Community Board 14.

The New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCE&TC) is an association of 200 community-based organizations, educational institutions, and labor unions that annually provide job training and employment services to over 750,000 New Yorkers, including welfare recipients, unemployed workers, low-wage workers, at-risk youth, the formerly incarcerated, immigrants and the mentally and physically disabled. View NYCE&TC Job Listings.

Digital NYC is the official online hub of the New York City startup and technology ecosystem, bringing together every company, startup, investor, event, job, class, blog, video, workplace, accelerator, incubator, resource, and organization in the five boroughs. Search jobs by category on this site.

St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development provides free job training and educational programs in Environmental Response and Remediation Tec (ERRT), Commercial Driver’s License, Pest Control Technician Training (PCT), Employment Search, Prep Training and Job Placement, Earn Benefits, and Career Path Center. For information and assistance, please visit St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development or call 718-302-2057 ext. 202.

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations helps jobless and working poor New Yorkers establish careers in sectors that offer good wages and opportunities for advancement. Currently, BWI offers free job training programs in four industries: commercial driving, telecommunications cable installation, TV and film production, and skilled woodworking.

CMP (formerly Chinatown Manpower Project) in lower Manhattan is now recruiting for free training in Quickbooks, Basic Accounting, and Excel. This training is open to anyone receiving food stamps but no cash assistance. Classes run for eight weeks, followed by one-on-one meetings with a job developer.

CMP also provides Free Home Health Aide Training for bilingual English/Cantonese speakers receiving food stamps but no cash assistance. Training runs Mondays through Fridays for six weeks, and includes test prep and the HHA certification exam. Students learn about direct care techniques such as taking vital signs, and assisting with personal hygiene and nutrition.

For more information on the above CMP training programs, email, call 212-571-1690, or visit the CMP website. CMP also provides tuition-based healthcare and business training free to students who are entitled to ACCESS funding.

Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) trains women, and places them in careers in the skilled construction, utility, and maintenance trades. It helps women achieve economic independence and a secure future. For information call 212-627-6252, or register online.

Grace Institute provides tuition-free, practical job training in a supportive learning community for underserved New York area women of all ages, and from many different backgrounds. For information, call 212-832-7605.


Please note that this page will be revised when more recruitment events for the week of October 14  become available.

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