Own a Tiny House – All That You Need to Know

Own A Tiny House
Since Tiny Texas Homes transitions into building out the Salvage Texas marketplace and place space, we’re providing a distinctive investment opportunity and the opportunity that you have our original Tiny Texas Houses. We have two Tiny Texas Homes available for investment- The Loopholer as well as The Retreat, and the two are still under construction. For the investment plan on the two these homes, the cost of completing construction is factored into the price. After the houses are complete investors will make a ten percent annual return on your investment over 10 years. Towards of the end of the ten year term, you have of the freedom to maneuver the small house off the property or negotiate conditions to keep it in Salvage Texas.

So for instance, if you purchase The Loopholer at $40, 000, we’ll pay you $4, 000 a year for 10 years. You’ll own the home and it’ll be in your name. During the whole period of the 10 years, Salvage Texas will pay for all the upkeep cost and maintenance of the home while it gets used as overnight accommodation. Investors will also receive one full month each calendar year to use your little home as a holiday rental or home. If you are intrigued in investing and would like to get more information, please e-mail us. The Loopholer is a brand-new 10×12 home now under construction in Manifestation Bay and has been built by a students group during the Loopholer Building Workshop.

The final design plan includes sleeping space, a little kitchenette, and bathroom space all cleverly disguised to make the most of the loopholes in the existing building code. Please contact us for The Loopholers existing price. This cost includes the calculated cost of us completing the construction as well as getting it operational for one of our overnight accommodation options. The Red Log Cabin is a brand New home currently under construction in Manifestation Bay in Tiny Texas Houses. The final layout strategy includes a front porch, kitchenette, and bathroom addition. The Red Log Cabin has 100 sq. Downstairs footprint with the same amount of area in the loft.

The materials for of the Red Log Cabin came from of the Salvage Mining Workshop we held in Weatherford Texas where we took down an old wooden hut in a family ranch. Investment FAQ – Q: Will I have the house? A: Yes! We provide a bill of sale, and the home is officially in your name. After 10 years, you’re free to move the home Out of Salvage Texas or renegotiate means of a strategy to keep it in Salvage Texas and earn money on it as overnight lodging.

Q: Wait, I will OWN a tiny house and instantly earn money from it? Is that true!? A: YES! This is actually the only tiny home investment strategy of its kind in the nation.

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