How to Keep Your Home Cold Without Air Conditioning

If you don’t want your bills to double, then you need to find ways of cooling your home without the use of an air conditioner. This will help reduce your monthly electric bills hence reducing your total household budget. The following are tips on how to cool down home with no air conditioning.

Use ceiling fans instead of an air conditioner

Make the most out of electric fans and ceiling fans during the hot and humid summer. Ensure your ceiling fans are open to allow more air to circulate inside your house. Close all your windows and let the air from your fans flow throughout your house. The aim is to keep hot air from outside from mixing with cold air in the house. During the evening, when temperature from outside cools, open all your windows and doors to let the cool breeze enter your house.

Make the most of cold air in your basement

Hire a contractor to install a cold air return system in your house. The device is perfect for helping you bring the cold air from the basement to the ductwork to allow air to circulate in all parts of your house freely. It’s a cheaper method of reducing the house temperature without the need for air conditioners.

Keep your home shaded

Hot rays from the blazing sun can penetrate your roof and make your room temperatures to rise. You can reduce this by keeping your home shaded by plants or trees, awnings and reflective window films, and Venetian shades and blinds. A house surrounded by plants will experience less heat during the summer months. Trees and plants will not only block the sun but also help in increasing the amount of carbon in your environment.

The above are some of the most effective ways to fight heat with the use of air conditioners. Once you follow them, you don’t need to worry about expensive electric bills during the summers.